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Reignite Your Practice Income Growth

May 14, 2010
by ken


Chico, CA: April 26, 2010 – Lares Research has launched a nationwide series of “Reignite Your Practice Income Growth” seminars. The seminars show general dentists how they can dramatically increas practice income by treating all their own endo and perio patients using minimally invasive laser procedures.

The Lares “Reignite Your Practice Income Growth” seminars teach dentists two key procedures:  PIPS™ (Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming), a revolutionary method for chemically cleaning and debriding the root canal system using Er:YAG laser energy at sub-ablative power levels, and WPT™ (Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy), a minimally invasive laser periodontal disease treatment that optimizes the use of dentistry’s two best wavelengths (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG). Using these procedures, dentists can drastically reduce the number of endo and perio referrals, thereby dramatically increasing practice income.

The Lares seminars include live patient video, hands-on demonstration using the PowerLase® AT all tissue laser, and determination of each individual dentist’s opportunity for increased income from laser procedures. Dentists will also learn the basics of laser/tissue interaction as well as review a variety of other hard and soft tissue procedures that can be performed with the laser, such as anesthetic free cavity preparations, crown lengthening and many more.  Tuition is free and dinner is provided. Dentists can enroll online at http://www.laresdental.com or by calling 1.888.333.8440 ext. 2050.

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