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Repetition is the curse of the doctor-patient engagement

January 29, 2012
by ken

How many times as a doctor do you ask the same questions over and over again as part of the routine process of taking a history from your patient? And how often as a patient do you have to answer those same questions each time you see a new doctor? How long does this take, given that doctors and patients both complain that there is too little time for the modern consultation to cover all the bases to the satisfaction of both parties?

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The point of this entry is to elicit, just once, a commentary from the committee members working in Ontario and most likely across Canada for mandated encryption of files and communications “entrez-nous”. There is no question of the value that encryption will bring, the elegant simplicity it will create, the streamlining, the efficiency, the ability to leverage information for randomized control studies, amass copious amounts of cohort data for the creation of truly effective and on target change; however, mandating something out of the blue to a profession that is not on the same page, the same baseline or working within a structured set of guidelines is an invitation to disaster. I travel across the border frequently to see my grandchildren, I have a NEXUS card. I had to renew my passport recently. I’m hardly a savant when it comes to computers, but I defy you to INTUITIVELY visit the Canadian and US government sites to notify those in the NEXUS group that I have changed my passport number and ensure that I won’t get stopped and cavity searched at the border. It’s typical of government and governance……….they don’t understand how to write in terms that a six year old will understand because they assume it will make them look less than erudite and of importance.  There is method in the madness of ensuring that information can be transferred easily and readily from one office to another and AGAIN, I REPEAT, the committee in Ontario is indicating that iTRANS does not meet the encryption guidelines they plan to establish. And by the by, where is the webinar on how to move records through iTrans……go ahead, GOOGLE, Canadian Dental Association iTrans and show me how to move a patient’s records from one dental office to the other, go on show me…….s’plain me Lucy in words of single syllables………….