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I wish to share an example of what all of us at Oral Health hope will become a standard of sharing and caring by Canadian dentists. This case is online with Cosmetic Tribune, one of the incredible publications from Dental Tribune International which includes Dental Tribune Study Club –  The format being laid out is one that will be simplified when OH upgrades it’s servers to a Word Press platform. The hope is that all Canadian dentists will see the vision of sharing and caring and work with us to create an online clinical presence for Oral Health that is second to none world wide.

By Sushil Koirala, Nepal

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Poorly restored composite restoration in tooth #3.6.

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Cavity after careful removal of faulty restoration with diamond point #340s.


Isolation of tooth #3.6 with rubber dam.


Application of self-etching primer on the entire cavity.


Uniform application of bonding agent and subsequent light-curing.


Application of a thin layer of flowable resin on the cavity floor.


Application of flowable opaque (#UO) to mask the discolouration.

Build-up of the dentin layer obtaining occlusal anatomy.

Build up of the enamel layer and carving of the pits and fissures to achieve natural anatomy.

Application of dark brown stain on the pits and fissures to match adjacent tooth, then light curing.

Checking the occlusal contact with articulating paper.

Reduction of the high points with Dura White Stone #FL2.

Note the restored anatomy comparable to the natural adjacent tooth.

Restoration after finishing and polishing.

With the explosion of the Internet and the myriad permutations and combinations of elearning, the sources of education can be as high as the Himalayas or below sea level in Charleston, South Carolina,it matters not from whence the information comes,only that we are all connected and appreciate the true power of elearning.

One pearl of wisdom a day applied to clinical practice, not the same one repeated over and over, but a new one each and every day turns work into play and a job into a passionate hobby. Think about it and consider the true meaning of share and care in a world were elected officials allow partisan bias to bring a once great nation to its knees…governance as it has morphed today is no longer the Grecian apotheosis of democracy……..dentists need to be doing it for themselves…….it’s not anarchy, it’s simple logic……..power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely…….we have the tools and the means to reinvigorate evidence based dentistry from the current sad state of eminence based dentistry and we have the power to direct rules and regulations laid down by our associations …or to advocate the regulatory and licensing bodies to act with dispatch when the old order is OUT OF ORDER ….all that is needed is the CONNECTIVITY and the will ……….time for the DENTAL spring of imagination and reframing, renewal and enlightenment………

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