Retreatment case – looking for other disciplines and/or Dr. Goodbar

The intention of this blog continues to be the blending of graphics, video and hopefully, soon to be forthcoming – ANIMATION… suggested, I’m somewhat access limited to other disciplines – however, there are scads of Canadian dentist who deserve to be showcased in this format and others as yet to be defined……..eChronicles immediately come to mind.  Please consider joining the party, just not the Tea Party.  The molar retreatment is unrelated to the case documented – it is included only by way of example, but imagine when all the digital documentation platforms can be blended……….that’s something special.

From: Maarten Meire <>
Reply-To: ROOTS <>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 20:40:47 +0100
To: ROOTS <>
Subject: [roots] Retx case
case was done in the same patient. Very louse coronal and root filling.
Consequently, not very hard to retreat. The images speak for
Unfortunately, I was not allowed to
do the buildup myself. Hope the unfilled post space distally does not
compromise long term result. Short term (8m) healing is evident though.
Best regards,


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