Retreatment of failing endodontic procedures

I’ve been giving a great deal of thought about why some folks glom onto the blogosphere and others could care less. There is no question that Facebook is an acquired taste and it’s possible that GOOGLE + will give it a huge run for it’s money. Twitter seems to be making in roads with the cognoscenti and in fact it is reported that the iPAD is being investigated by over 80% of companies as the road warrior go mobile device for their employees – adieu RIM, we hardly knew yee! The one given in all this is that learning and communicating and sharing and selling are going to mobile platforms, dentists will be using social media to market their clients and as soon as Apple launches iCLOUD, the world will change once again……..

To avoid being accused of writing tangentially by my blogmeister older daughter, I’ll pull all the parts together. There is a cacophany in the ether, no one seems to know what is sufficiently eye-catching to draw folks back to a blog. Style, content, CONNECTIVITY – all unknowns. I’ve decided to revert to the old Ladies Home Journal format ……SERIALIZE……….. this is the first part of a “SERIAL blog entry” on Endodontic retreatment ……cliffhanger in format, you’ll have to come back regularly to stay in touch …hopefully by Xmas the Biz Group IT folks will have migrated this blog to WORD PRESS and it will be easy to follow, however, for now, the easiest way to stay current will be to click on the MASTHEAD at the top of the page….and scroll down through the entries,or click on categories on the side and find the ENDODONTIC TOPIC…….nothing ventured nothing gained…..let’s lock and load.
All you titanium lovers out there… attention,this is about the endo/perio/implant algorithm……the rush to titanium judgment was too fast and much, much too soon in many cases………..this is to wet your appetite…… more to come…..stay the course.
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