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More from the Netherlands

Another one with a “preserving dentine” pattern.
Came yesterday in pain, percussion, palpation, treatment done 2 years ago. According to the patient was a vital case. It’s not his own dentist who performed the endodontic treatment,so I cannot confirm this.
It was the actual the MB canal missed,and they treated MB2. Look at the preop scan and see also the degree of mucositis in the sinus. Lesions on all 3 roots.
Opened and temporised the treatment after cleaning all 4 canals, removing also the Thermafills in it. He’ll be back in one month to complete.
We talked with him today he is out of pain, which is a wonder, as usually in those cases pre-op pain is a strong predictor for post op pain.
How often do you see missed MB instead of missed MB2 ?

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