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Round and round she goes, and where it stops………it won’t

September 20, 2011
by ken

iPADS and Dentistry – nuff sed…..iOS 5.0, the latest iteration of the Apple mobile platform operating system is due out……watch for the explosion…..do check out the image as it MUST in due course become “de rigeur” for reps and their companies..

Get Results For Dentists Top Points:

1.,,) It’s important to remember that an iPad is not a replacement for good dental care and patient education. It should never act as a stand in for you or your team (Like leaving a patient with an iPad to view a video of a procedure, then walk back in and immediately assume they understand what they viewed and begin to work in their mouth.) Instead, it should be used as a tool to better educate, communicate with and treat your patients.

2.) So many doctors and dental practices are on social media, having an iPad in the office allows them to quickly access their social media sites, follow up on any conversations that are happening and alert patients on any problems that may arise due to office closings. An iPad also provides your patients a quick way to ‘like’ your Facebook page or follow your dental practice on Twitter.

3.) You can use the iPad to educate your patients. Apps like 3D Teeth are perfect for this. This app breaks down dentistry terms for patients and shows 3D images of teeth. Cavity Free 3D is also an important tool to show patients. Proper brushing and flossing techniques are demonstrated using 3D dental animations.

4.) Do you have patients that would like to know what they look like ‘after’ their treatment or procedure? Then you should make sure your iPad is loaded up with Brace Face an app that shows patients what they would look like with braces. Instant Teeth Whitener shows your patients in seconds what they would look like with whiter teeth. Tooth Configurator app shows a variety of tooth shapes in relation to face shapes. It allows teeth to be changed, including tooth size, tooth neck area, tooth color and shape.

5.) Things to consider when purchasing an iPad for your office:

  • How many iPads will you purchase and who is designated to use the iPad and where?
  • Who is NOT allowed to handle the iPad?
  • What is the procedure if a patient breaks one? What about a staff member? The Apple Warranty does not cover drops, bumps or spills, but other companies offer extended warranties that cover these occurrences. Square Trade is a company that covers these incidences.
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