Salesperson launched multi-million-dollar tooth brush business…well I’lloral bee

All about Gerald Munroe of Kitchener, Ontario.

Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 9.18.48 AM.pngKITCHENER — It had been a gutsy move to give up a secure job for an uncertain future with a wife and five kids at home. But for the highly personable and hard-working Gerald Munroe, the gamble paid off. In 1970, he introduced the toothbrush manufacturer J.O. Butler Company into Canada, eventually rising to vice-president of Canadian operations.

“It was up to him how he built the company,” said his wife Denise. “When he retired it was a multi-million-dollar company.”

Perhaps he had dental health in his genes — Gerry’s father had been a dentist in Montreal, though he died when Gerry was only 16,leaving the teen to take responsibility for his mother and two younger sisters.

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