Sanavis Group IDS Press Conference

Sanavis IDS Stand.JPGSanavispressconf.JPG


Dr. Martin Rickert, managing partner of the Sanavis Group, opened the press conference with the words “Today I would like to introduce you to a new star in the worldwide dental sky”. This was the first press conference of the “Sanavis Group” under which name the companies SciCan, MICRO-MEGA and SycoTec had been brought together strategically.

Dr. Rickert presented the strategic line of the Goup: “With a total of about 800 employees in North America and Europe, we are one of the ten largest manufacturers of dental equipment worldwide…From instruments to drives to an entire reprocessing system, our portfolio is almost complete and will be expanded further over the coming years.”

According to Dr. Rickert, they will cooperate closely on research and development, to provide the industry with clever solutions and synergies are being used wherever it makes sense. “By cooperating with each other it is possible to take care of existing markets more intensively and win new customers.” The transatlantic alliance opens up access for MICRO-MEGA and SycoTec in North America while the Canadians will find it easier to sell SciCan solutions in the field of reprocessing and hygiene via their European partners. Dr. Rickert stresses the independence of the individual brands. As he explained it, “the Sanavis Group is the strategic and administrative umbrella for three well-placed companies”. Dr. Rickert summed up by saying “we have travelled with lots of new solutions in our luggage”. Later in the day, visitors to the Sanavis stand were treated to a lovely reception in their new booth.