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Separated at Girth

March 30, 2012
by ken

Fracture, separation, rupture, splinter – a rose by any other name is still a broken file, separated at girth.  In yet another attempt to get some interactivity on this forum, I’m going to ask that those who wish to have the answer to the question – how do I retrieve the file from the canal to complete the root canal procedure?……yes Mathilda, NiTi files do break, even the reciprocating ones……..to respond with their protocol. Referral to a specialist is NOT an answer. The first approach would be to ask “why it broke”. That’s the beginning of critical thinking. Even if I get that, I’ll post a very detailed answer to the problem of retrieving separated instruments, but not unless we get some comments, sign them ANONYMOUS, make up a name, call yourself Herman Cain, Elliot Spitzer, Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin or whatever, but start with the response, why this file broke and we’ll “do the dance”. To give you a hint read:


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