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showing Canada’s retirees that dental care is worth it

September 12, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

A new employer survey reports that the days of Canada’s retired workers having a dental plan, are rapidly passing. More than half of Canada’s employers do not offer healthcare benefits (including a dental plan) to their retirees, and another third are looking at reducing or eliminating future retirement benefits.

It is no secret why — cost and perceived value.

In speaking with many dental teams, it is common to find that more than half of the patient caseload is over age 50, So, the impact of this retirement crisis is going to be very significant. The waiting rooms will get much less busy.

Unless… we show the retirees that spending on dental care is worth it.

What do I mean? Our surveys of older Canadians consistently show that they are motivated to purchase dental services when they understand dental care protects their health.

And, fortunately, a growing number of good controlled studies in peer-reviewed medical and dental journals show this to be the case.

So let’s connect these retirees to the growing evidence. Frequently, conveniently, with crisp, understandable messages (including videos).

That’s the thrust of Partners in Prevention.

(And let me add a pertinent footnote: Recently, I watched the exit of a middle aged patient from her dental visit. The patient was told the cost was $660 for 3 fillings. The patient was aghast but then thanked the insurance plan. There was no discussion why she had 3 fillings, what she needed to do to avoid the next 3 fillings, and what her dental visit did to protect her overall health.  In short, the patient left her appointment thinking dentistry is expensive. That impression will likely play out in fewer and fewer visits as the dental plan becomes less generous and even disappears.)

By: Ross Perry
SOURCED: Partners In Prevention – http://partnersinprevention.ca/showing-canadas-retirees-that-dental-care-is-worth-it/

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