So you wanna be a rock n’roll star……….

“When I’ll grow up, I’m going to be a doctor.” Can you remember
hearing that from youngsters (or maybe even yourself when you were a
tender age)? Children have it clear in their minds that occupying this
noble profession is prestigious and heroic: they get to save lives (just
like their favorite superheroes). But seldom do we hear children
bragging about wanting to be dentists. Why not? This might be due to
fear of their own appointments with the dentist. What’s scarier than
seeing a series of sharp-edged tools and hearing so much noise on your
teeth? With that kind of set up, the dentist could seem to fit better in
the supervilliain category!

Still, after many discoveries in many years in school, many choose
the dentist’s path. What could have possibly changed their minds?
Money? Perhaps. Without wanting to express an direct opinion about one’s
source of determination, I decided to collect some salary scales. Looks
like BC
and Alberta
are sitting prettiest!

Canadian dentist salary by province
Canadian Dentist
Salary by provinces

Canadian dentist salary by employer type
Canadian Dentist
salary by employer type

Canadian dentist salary by experience
Canadian Dentist
salary by experience

Not only is the salary tempting, but it turns out that dentists are
among the top 10 hot jobs (according to Canadian

Furthermore, there are more job openings than there are people with
the required qualifications. Your future will continue to be bright as
the average Canadian is getting older (which means more dental coverage)
and also thanks to the cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry (influence from the
celebrities and their drop-dead beauty?).

There is, however,compromise in becoming a hotshot dentist: you will
have to stick out 3 years of undergrad studies + 5 years of dentistry
school. So don’t necessarily dive right away to this long-term
engagement; take the time to contact some
dentists in your area
to get more information,and don’t by shy with
your questions. I’m sure that these professionals will welcome your
interest and will be pleased to guide you for your future plans.

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