Social Media for Dentists – When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

Jason Lipscomb is a dentist in Richmond,VA and co author of  “Social Media for Dentists

One of the most common questions I get about Facebook and Twitter is “What do I post?”  As a practicing dentist, it is easy to get writers block.  Sometimes you need to stop and realize that there are tools all around you right in your office!   Let’s go through some quick easy things you can do to fill up your page.

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Remember to check your local laws to make sure that these suggestions are allowed in your area.

1.  Post a link your website.  Your website is where you want your patients to go.  Your website should be ready to seal the deal with potential patients.  Adding a link to your website can also give your Google listing a boost.  When you post a website two links are formed.  The link from the picture shown and the link to the website.

2. Post new reviews- Remind the world how great you are.  When you get a good review post it.  If it is from a reputation website,post the link too!

3.  Add your blog to your Facebook- You can either set it up through the notes page or you can download an application called networked blogs to import the content.

4. Post pictures- Share pictures of the doc,the staff and the office.  Keep it to around 3 at a time because most people won’t go through the whole gallery.   Only posting 3 pics at a time will allow you to turn one day’s content into several month’s content.

5. Post video responses- Think of common questions that people ask often.  Sit down and record a quick response in your own words.  You will build up a library of videos in no time

6. Post videos of patient testimonials- Make sure this is legal in your state.  Ask some of your patients if you can record their testimonials.  Nothing is better than the opinion of a real person.

7. Post open appointments- Don’t do this all the time, but let your fans know of upcoming availabilities.  Tell them how scarce they are and how fortunate they will be to get them.

8.  Post specials in the practice- Let them know about your upcoming bleaching special.  Create a Facebook event if it is big enough.

9. Comment on positive news in the community- Focus on the positive.  Is there a big job fair coming up? Tell them about it.  Big Easter Parade down main street?  Ask who is going

10.  Create a poll- There are several polling applications on Facebook. Or you can just ask a question.  People love to give their opinion.  Ask for it.

11.  Let them know when you have a new online listing.  Tell them about your new listing on Yelp or Citysearch.  It will drive traffic and reviews.

12. Have guest post from your staff.  Give the hygienists, assistants, and office staff the podium to talk about dental topics.  Let them answer the questions from their expertise.  Establish a hygiene Thursday tip or something of the sort.

13.  Comment on dentistry in the news- Search Google and sites like to get the latest dental news and share it.  Put your own spin on wh
at you find or ask their opinion.

14.  Let them know where to find your other social media profiles-  Talk about your Twitter and Youtube accounts and ask where you can connect with them.

15.  Check in! – Use Facebook places to let everyone know that you are working away.  The check in will give a map location of your office and build reputation points for your listings.

16.  Geo Tag pictures of your office- Use location based programs like to take pictures of your office that show exactly where they were taken.

17.  Mention helpful pages with the use of the “@”.  You can use the “@” before the name of a Facebook page or profile to create a think there.  Your post will also appear on their page.  Only use this if you are saying something helpful.  Don’t try to advertise on someone else’s page or it will backfire.

18.  Feature local businesses associated with your patients- Don’t give away the patient’s information, but help their economy!

19. Share your knowledge of social media- If you know a cool tool or application, share it

20. Have fun!

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