Social Media for Dentists – time to take your head outta the sand and stop shrieking the sky is falling

This continues to grow and grow and grow.

The following is small component of the lastest blog by Jason Lipscomb…….I suggest you consider visiting the site Social Media for Dentists. It continues to grow and grow and this is a force that you will all need to learn to contend with.  The remainder of the blog text below can be read off the link from the site

We have talked about Facebook ads a lot in the past couple weeks. 
They can be a very successful way to bring attention to your Facebook
page and your website.  Many doctors continue to struggle with Facebook
ads though.  A recent article by emarketer may suggest that targeting may be the key to success.

Think about all the information that we supply to Facebook when we
join.  We give our birthdate, workplace, interests and multiple other
facts.  Now think about what we give Google when we look at a website. 
Almost nothing.    Once again think about reaching out to a large group
of people.  Imagine you have a group of 7000 people.  You can share a
message with with 20 people at random per day.  Each day you be able to
share with 20 random people from the group.  What are the chances that
any one person would get picked twice?  Statics would probably say the
odds are pretty slim.    Now imagine that you can pick 20 random people
from a group of 100.   The chances of picking the same person twice
suddenly skyrockets.   This same theory can be applied to Facebook ads. 
Successful advertising always relies on a person seeing the same ad
over and over again.    Marketing on a small budget will be very
difficult if the target group is large.  You will burn out your daily
budget quickly without ever reaching the same person twice.    Reducing
the target group number will allow you reach the same person twice with a
small budget.


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