Sometimes, it’s all about “cajones”

I have never found committees an effective way to bring about change..once you’ve done the first go ’round of discussion, the topic has shifted and the focus of the discussion skewed and invariably, the decision is diluted and the objective and need have been reduced to a shell of the purpose detailed on the agenda….I do understand it’s how governance works, but if we take a long hard look at what’s going on in the debate about raising the debt ceiling in the US, we can appreciate that the common good is very rarely the objective; mendacity, self-serving, hubris, et al is the modus operandi…..

Imagine if our dental associations and governance bodies stopped looking for the middle ground and effectively did what makes good sense based on societal trends. I am of course referring to CONNECTIVITY.  It’s at least a decade overdue for the CDA and all the provincial societies to say, NO MORE PAPER, obtain an email address and download EVERYTHING we send you. Of course they would have to allow for two way communication, but this is 2011, I don’t expect that until …..  3011…….however.
I firmly believe that societal trends should be adhered to in all walks of life. What people gravitate to should be the standard of how we at the very least conduct all activities.  Read the article below which for many may seem tangential and yet,when something makes sense,when keeping something in play is pointless, you simply eliminate it and move on.  It’s time to stop serving the lowest common denominator and move to facilitating the upper tiers who will always strive…..leadership comes from early adapters and innovators and those who choose to take risk.  TIME TO GET CANADIAN DENTISTS CONNECTED, PERVASIVELY so we can move this profession forward.

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