Sometimes, you just need to think outside the box

I had the opportunity to wander through the MaRS complex the other day because of If you don’t know much about MaRS, then wander through and make it a point to revisit….brilliant concept, but MEDICAL YOU KNOW………I have young granchildren who each own an iPAD2, and a MacBook Air…….when my 4 year old has to remember something, she swipes her forehead like an iPAD to bring up the thought. My 6 year old makes iMOVIEs of her and her friends dancing and singing and putting on plays with themes and titles. When she misses two of her friends who moved to Westchester County, she calls them and they get on FaceChat and get up to speed on their lives.  The twins, who are 2, play YOUTUBE videos of anything Beatles – Hey Jude and Hello Goodbye being right up there with bullets.

Reading the New York Times this morning and because Chrome has push technology for Digital Trends,caught note of the move in New York to develop Silicon Alley to compete with Silicon Valley  Set me to chawin’, whitlin’ and thinkin’……..what if an alliance of dental folks in Canada, dental schools, dental companies, labs, anon linked up in a center like MaRS to work in collaboration to do dental research, develop dental materials, dental equipment and facilitate an infrastructural network of online dental education…..there are a few examples of this outside the box thinking, but nowhere near enough –  So with what remains of the neurons that are not amalgam dust reduced, or decimated by snortin’ gutta percha for lo these many years, thought I’d throw this out there to the 3 folks who read this and take my best shot.
Just thinking outside the box……Canada thanks to PAUL MARTIN has weathered the fecal hurricane brought on by – just step below the Canadian border at any crossing and point our finger in a 180 degree arc – but there is a generation of youngun’s who are going to have to leave to find jobs in countries where markets are emerging and surging.  We are a commodities and service based country and we remain a mouse sleeping under an elephant.
Wonder if there are folks in our dental domain who can see the future and do something about getting on the train….Read the related articles below, anything is possible
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A young patient receives a high five from Dr. Dustin Root of Community Oral Health Initiatives in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The organization is one of 55 members in the Dental Resource Program of America’s ToothFairy to receive dental burs from a donation from SS White worth more than $1 million. Since 2006, America’s ToothFairy has distributed more than $24.8 million worth of resources to help nonprofit clinics provide care to more children in need.

Product Donations Help Safety-Net Dental Clinics Serve More Families

America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation