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Speed kills?

December 26, 2011
by ken

December 23, 2011 By – from Science Friday -Check out this and more from the Robb Report of Dentistry


Orthodontists: Get ready to speed up the time it takes to wear dental braces! OrthoAccel Technologies has announced the FDA clearance of their AcceleDent device, a removable gadget that an orthodontia patient wears in their mouth for 20 minutes a day. The device works by accelerating teeth movement through vibration when used in conjunction with conventional braces.

In the clinical trial, the appliance exhibited an acceleration of teeth movement of 106% during the initial alignment phase and 38% – 50% during closure of extraction space. In a statement released by Dr. Dubravko Pavlin, professor of orthodontics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, he exclaimed, “With an increase in rate of tooth movement observed in our study the orthodontic treatment time could be shortened by at least 5 months during the first two stages of orthodontic treatment.”