Standard Oil – Dentsply International – do the math?

One has to wonder whether a colossus is the answer to the future of dentistry. Does a monolithic entity that detaches itself at the corporate level, further and further from it’s client base, r

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eally bring needed change to an industry and in turn does it deliver the needed products to their client base or the products they want to deliver based on the metric analyses.  Your comments are welcome.

From Dr. Bicuspid – June 28, 2011

Is Dentsply buying another dental firm? I’m of the opinion, that with the purchase of Astra Tech and now AMD Lasers, Dentsply Implants International is about to be come a LEVIATHAN and one truly has to wonder how that is going to impact on the implant world. Nobel’s market share is slipping badly, Straumann is #1, but they don’t market aggressively, BioHorizon had a $100,000,000 IPO, not a 2 billion dollar purchase…….what does all this mean……or should we bother taking note.

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