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Steve, you’re still here…….sniff, sob…..

December 26, 2011
by ken

APPLE has plans to solve one of the most draining problems to plague smartphones, tablets and laptops: battery life…..from news.com.au

According to patent applications submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple plans to power its devices with hydrogen fuel cells, the UK Telegraph reports. If corporations (even dental) were truly innovative, it would mean they can put teams in the field with a hitch on their cars and “Johnny on the Jobs” attached and they’d never have to stop at a Starbucks – put a Keurig on a charger in the cup holder, like the iPHONE connects to the cable/cradle and you’re working 24/7/365 like they expect you to. The change could mean computers and smartphones that last for weeks without needing recharging.

The hydrogen fuel cells, which convert hydrogen and oxygen into water and electrical energy, could be smaller and lighter than batteries, which would result in less bulk devices. “Our country’s continuing reliance on fossil fuels has forced our government to maintain complicated political and military relationships with unstable governments in the Middle East, and has also exposed our coastlines and our citizens to the associated hazards of offshore drilling,” Apple says in the patent filings.

“These problems have led to an increasing awareness and desire on the part of consumers to promote and use renewable energy sources.” The Telegraph reports that the two patents, Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device and Fuel Cell System Coupled to a Portable Computing Device, follow two similar applications Apple submitted in October.

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