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Stevie, we’re still missin’ ya lad.

January 18, 2012
by ken

Last week, we began providing iPADS for use in our reception area for those who were waiting for friends or partners who were having treatment. It produced the single most incredible response I’ve seen in 137 years of dentistry; folks hung around, had coffee, no one rushed for the doors, strangers began chatting each other up and NOT ONE five finger discount occurred in spite of the fears of my team members. It turned the reception area into Starbucks.  Apple is set to launch iPAD 3 in March; we recently went on the Consult-Pro cloud – imaging the practice of dentistry without these amazing tools is beyond my comprehension, it can’t, rather shouldn’t be done. Some months back we began emailing radiographs that we had marked up with a paint program to the patients….again, the single biggest impacting effort we’ve ever done…..I’m waiting and hoping that someone will develop a VIRTUAL CONSULTATION APP for the iPAD and in time, patient chairside, camera at the ready and immediate FACE TIME CHAT to discuss a case with the referring dentist……I wish I were 30 years younger and starting anew……

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