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Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions represents a complete dental solution, from digital impression-taking using intra-oral scanning to the computerized production of prosthetics using state-of-the-art CAM processing. Each individual step is well-coordinated, seamlessly interlocking and is designed for high quality.

Digitalization will impact all aspects of dentistry. Straumann is committed to bringing the new technologies to all dental professionals in various markets around the world to connect them across disciplines. Straumann is one of the leading manufacturers in implant,restorative and regenerative dentistry to offer all these services.

Straumann is the European exclusive distributor for CADENT intraoral scanner, advanced 3D imaging technology replacing conventional impression taking and linked to Straumann CADCAM technology. With its precision and ease of use, CADENT iTero® is designed to deliver superior restorations in the advantage of the dentists, dental labs and patients – CADENT iTero

Straumann provides a comprehensive CADCAM product portfolio including state-of-the-art scanner, design software and a leading material offering and applications range. Through alliance with industry leaders such as Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Straumann also offers high-performance ceramic materials for high-end esthetic restorations that are designed to be indistinguishable from natural teeth Straumann CARES GUIDED SURGERY

Straumann® CARES® Guided Surgery is designed to offer the dentist a clear view of patient bone structure, the position of nerve and vascular structures, and the final implant location. It simplifies the planning and execution of complex procedures, which can reduce the risk of surgical and prosthetic complications

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