Street fighting man…..

My grandchildren are in town this month. I took the twins to watch a group of lads playing basketball in the park behind our house because they are Miami Heat fans…..  We were there about five or six minutes when one of the more aggressive of the lads went up for a dunk shot and came down with his elbow on the face of another….suffice it to say, elbow 1 – central incisor 0.  Unfortunately it was a civic holiday, not likely there was a dentist to be found west of Cornwall and east of Windsor, but there was little or no damage done other than a bleed…advice was offered and the youngster told to get things checked out in the a.m.

A while back I posted a link to an incredible website on dental trauman
Worth reposting……..If memory serves Dr. Andreasen, the founder of the site, will be a the Toronto Academy’s Winter Clinic in November of this year…..
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