Wiki waki woo……..

I’m in the midst of building a Wiki for the ROOTS forum……it’s become impossible to keep any semblance of order with the explosive number of blogs that are appearing minute by minute in the dental world.  There has to be a central node – nothing exists without a hub. (as an aside, since no one reads this anyway; “why is encryption being mandated in Ontario in the absence of working with the computer industry to create a standardized back end code for chart formats and a standardized protocol for encryption keys – [can’t say for sure that this not happening because the folks what are behind this aren’t talking – power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially behind closed doors].

Anyway, check out this really kewl blog – perhaps, I can convince Bruce Creighton and the Business Information Group to build an Oral Health Wiki – hmm, are there two moons in the night sky?
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