Beyond the Fringe – Survivor host Jeff Probst on using social media to join the ‘global conversation’

Social media is dominating our world. The press to incorporate it into the world of dentistry is meeting with expected resistance, but that is typical and traditional with dentistry. Early adapters abound, albeit in small numbers; they will however, win out in time.  Numerous PM gurus and pundits recommend the use of the new iPAD2 with it’s cameras and a simple APP like

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iMovie to gain enhanced patient acceptance by innovating traditional treatment presentations.  As well, they recommend enhanced individualization of practice websites and many visionary dental companies are seeing the impact that iPhone usage and iPad usage are having on their client base as they finally provide mobile computing and cloud access to their salesforce …….the expectation that this will be increasingly go mainstream is sound……it took a decade for digital radiography to grab hold and by the time it did, cone beam tomography was the cause celebre.  It took years for Cerec to grab serious market share and voila – CAD/CAM abounds, polyvinylsiloxane remains the impression material of choice for now…Cadent iTero, Lava and others are waiting in the wings.  You don’t have to embrace technology, simply avoid disavowing it and support those companies that see the vision, because they are the keepers of the flame…..far too many remain unwilling to see beyond their bottom lines.

Read this article by the producer of the seminal reality show “Survivor……..” which intriguingly retains its appeal to this day. The fact that Bethany Frankel is making money on the “skinny Margarita” is simply a result of an early adapter…..

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