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The first news blog was Michael Kinsey’s SLATE – BLOGS now abound from the Huffington Post to Al Jazeera, from the Tea Party to the Party Hearty…..pick a topic, pick a need, there is a blog and they are exponentiating……….DENTISTRY needs to find a way to

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social network it’s client base to ensure that knowledge dissemination does not come every decade, but every day.


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The list could run on endlessly – the GOOGLE search for “dental blogs” turned up over 6 million hits.  Congratulations to Melissa Summerfield and Catherine Wilson for their vision and passion to bring this to the dentists of Canada.  What is needed now is “comments”, sharing of interest in trends, content, even cases that can be directed to the editorial consultants. Blogging is one piece of the puzzle of social networking. It, like message boards and discussion forums is an open source of information and content…….it’s time the “associations” in this country realized that you don’t restrict the flow of information to a webmaster,that we are professionals and adults and by definition are ethical and self-censoring. There are always those who don’t see transparency for the true value it brings…..control in the past was acquired through back room dealings….do as I say,not as I do…not anymore……….it’s thScreen shot 2010-05-29 at 6.37.17 AM.pnge era of the Third Wave – YOU TUBE alone has shown that nothing can be hidden and everything is viral once on the Internet. Like anything, some will abuse it, those you ignore or remove, the others, you embrace and facilitate.

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