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Take some extra-strength Tylenol and go to bed …

May 6, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

A common practice after dental surgery or to deal with dental pain, is to do just what the title of this blog says.

Extra-strength Tylenol in my medicine cabinet contains 500 mg  of acetaminophen per caplet.

6 of these pills means a daily dose of 3,000 mg of acetaminophen.

That is close to the new daily toxic threshold set by new studies and by the FDA.

Taking more could cause liver damage.

What are the other brands with large doses of acetaminophen? Benadryl, Excedrin, Nyquil, Robitussin, Theraflu and Vicks.

This advisory has also been posted on the Partners in Prevention Facebook page so that 34,000 older women who view this page regularly, have this information.

By:  – Partners In Prevention

SOURCED: http://partnersinprevention.ca/take-some-extra-strength-tylenol-and-go-to-bed/

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