Taking CE viral – the how to’s, and whyfour’s and five’s

This blog is a flyspeck on the corporate flowchart of the company that includes Oral Health as one of it’s assets. I’m told however, when I hector the folks that run it to give me the analytics (10 hectors for one incomplete answer), that it draws a considerable number of hits to the OH website. Have tried endlessly to get contributed clinical content and to use this blog as a catalyst for engaging readers in critical thinking and comprehensive reasoning among other items, with limited success. However, one door closes, another opens. Thus, I start anew and anon. OHJournal has a CE listing section.

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Not hitting it’s marks obviously as CE is simply an overwhelming industry with thousands of courses in Canada alone most probably monthly.  
I have decided to open this blog up to CE providers…..since this is the seminal post, here’s one I’ve been peripherally involved with for years, ROOTS. The group organizing this in S. America is independent from the forum. The forum has no financial involvement, the name/brand only is being used. The forum is used however, to foster awareness, through blogs,FACEBOOK,Twitter anon. There is no structure to this except for the meeting organizer, no bricks and mortar entity with staff and HVAC costs. Independent contractors are used to set up the event, the folks from the forum simply do what comes naturally in regard to how they wish to learn AND WHO THEY WISH TO LEARN FROM!!!!!! 
With the use of collegial address books, the word gets out.  I offer this blog to those in the profession who seek to do the same. Think we are the world, drop the corporate flags and banners and simply provide continuing education of the highest calibre. This is not profit centric, it’s learning centric and technology used for learning centric. If you can see the vision, then please, let the folks know about what it is you’re up to. Either post to Catherine or myself or COMMENT – we’ll find ya!
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