Taking one for the team

I’ve been at this “game” for 137 years. Never have I seen the impact of “everything” from an election to “terror” be so obvious and pervasive. The Canadian election, Conservative majority, NDP in opposition demonstrates the polarization in this country the way that T baggers and “birthers” are demonstrating polarization to the south……….Trump for president? Are you kidding me? Let’s not even go down the Osama bin dere and gone road.


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s such, I decided to add an entry based on change from within……how do you restructure your office team to ensure that it’s renewed, reframed, vibrant, creative and innovative, dynamic and progressive and at the same time – all things to all people.

What I really would like to see is COMMENTS.  From my perspective the election demonstrates the need to dialogue in all sectors of the economy and the country. Change is being demanded. Only way to make change effective is to communicate…………let’s hear what y’all have to say.

Failure to delegate

that an office manager‘s primary job is to improve the whole team. Encourage
your key people  to take small risks.
Early successes will build confidence.

Inability to get
buy-in from the team

Help your business
to view other members as partners. Empower them to lead meetings and
elevate their visibility.

A lack of projected
confidence in organizational goals or directives

Allow your
office manager to express doubts privately. Then encourage implementation as if
your manager designed and owns these goals or directives.

Tunnel vision focused
on day-to-day needs, forgetting the big-picture

your manager that putting out fires isn’t the sole extent of the job. Schedule
routine meetings in which strategies are mapped out six months down the road.

Not welcoming
constructive feedback

your manager to focus only on the needed outcomes that are a result of
feedback. Help them to avoid letting individual personalities overshadow
constructive feedback.

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