That vision thing – thousand points of light – Nobel Active – mirror image

Nudder share and care case – this time Nobel Active………….please Canada – may we have some more…………….From Dr. Liviu Steier – Warwick U in England by way of Germany

69 years old male  Medical history N/A

Tooth 3.6 lost about 18
years ago. Tooth 3.5 lost about 10 weeks prior to fixture installation

Fixtures installation; 
local anesthesia, crestal incison, full flap raised, use of conventional
surgical guide, drill protocol according to manufacturer, fixtures inserted by
hand, excellent primary stability, bone b-w, vestibular graft (BioOss) covered
by membrane (BioGide),wound edges tightly closed by suture.

Suture removal after 14

Fig 1 – X-ray
performed after fixture installation

Fig 2 – Proof of healthy gum
surroundings and prosthetic loading.

Clinical picture showing abutments in situ

Fig 3 – Restoration delivered
from the lab,splinted crowns PFM – high precious metal – occlusal screw access
open – abutment mounting guide

Fig 4 – Clinical picture to
demonstrate perfect aesthetic and functional integration into remaining dentition
and excellent access for hygiene

2nd stage surgery after
3 months. Local anesthesia, full flap raised, healing caps, primary closure

Suture removal after 14

Temporary abutments and
temporary crowns to modify emergence profile

6 weeks later impression
and FGP registration

2 weeks later prosthetic



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