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The death knell of the one day convention has been sounded!

Please check out the image and visit http://microscopedentistry.com/meeting11/ – then visit – https://public.me.com/ken.serota160 Public Folder and look for Foundations and Expansions yadda yadda or hit files.me.com/ken.serota160/z0eqz8.mov and see what happens!!!

This is the first online (sorry about the bold – it’s Moveable Type and I can only be a pest for so long) convention – three days and a virtual exhibit hall. The vendors must be going wild because instead of setting up for a day and being out of the field, then taking the booth (of the non-John Wilkes variety) down, they are up for as long as the registrants have to view the presentations online……it’s called ROI……….

I get camarderie, I get the face to face nature of how folks view many many things,but I also get that economies of scale in dentistry are changing and with all due respect and candour,many of the folks who love the face to face are the regulars who put these events on and love the jawing and political bunga bunga……..the rest want to review products, get relevant education and beat it home before rush hour.
WELL NO MORE!!! Check out the presentation by David Clark, then ponder on having this for months and months to review over and over again………what continues to drive my sense of the futility of didactic education in the Internet age is the number of attendees with iPHONE who were taking pictures of each slide of the presentation to download at home……..sure saves on note taking……technology is what it is as long as you understand the potentional; now encryption anon in Ontario is a horse of a nudder colour – bilious green……


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