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We are a geographically a huge country with a population less than the state of California if you count Arnold Schwarzenegger twice…we could have a Canadian dental intranet – iTrans – it would require very little to make itransdental.com the domain name for all Canadian dentists – granted there would have to be Doug.Smith(1-99)@itransdental.com allowed for.  I have posed on this blog in the past, an alliance between the eJCDA and Oral Health and the larger University based training centers (YOUOFFTEE) comes to mind. However, strategic alliance, collaboration, anon between folks that perceive themselves as competing entities doesn’t occur in our society for “historic” reasons….perhaps, in this new age of hyperconnectivity, what is more important is to ensure a standard of care, a MENTORING entity that can assist a dentist, any dentist with treatment planning, trouble shooting, pick a topic, pick a reality and be the NEXUS for all things dental in this country. Aside from the obvious massive benefits to the profession, the cost cutting, enhanced levels of efficiency and the massive outreach and PR impact of such a collaboration would be staggering.  Just a silly idea, I guess, although, in this era of knowledge deliverance, I’d encourage you to read below……

DAVID JOHNSTON From Friday’s Globe and Mail Published 

It is perhaps the defining question of our time: How to tackle the complex, interrelated challenges of the 21st century in a coherent and effective way? The answer, I am convinced, lies in what I call the diplomacy of knowledge, defined as our ability and willingness to work together and share our learning across disciplines and borders. When people achieve the right mixture of creativity, communication and co-operation, remarkable things can happen.

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