The Importance of Quality Writing Skills in a Dental Office

by Nancy P. Howard


The internet is a major information resource today. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a vital resource for any business – 95% of people look for a dental practice and doctor online. You are not here? You’re not there for clients. “Word of mouth,” which many managers like to rely on, doesn’t provide as many patient referrals.

Effective management and marketing of a dental clinic are all about getting clients interested in attractive services and attractive terms and conditions so that they do not have to look for any other clinic. The website helps to spread the word about the business.

A dental care website content must be:

  • Adaptive. It should be equally easy to use from a computer, a smartphone and a tablet. People often surf the internet when they are on the move. When your website is easy to use on a mobile device, your clinic automatically becomes more relevant.
  • Easy to navigate. The fewer sections of the site a potential patient has to navigate to find – for example, a price list, contact information, or a description of dental services – the more likely they are to call or leave an appointment with a dentist.
  • Useful and informative. The website should tell you about the equipment, doctors’ qualifications, prices and promotions. Describe in detail what the clinic does to provide potential patients with an opportunity to read reviews and communicate with the administrator in an online chat room.
  • Available in different languages to reach a broader audience. To have various versions of your website, you can use translation services to speed up the process.

SEO optimization

SEO promotion and contextual advertising can help get people interested in your services “to come” to your website. SEO or search engine optimization is an effective tool for internet marketing. Also, SEO specialists work to ensure that the dental clinic’s website gets to the top of the organic search results in Google.

SEO promotion of a dental clinic is long and routine work to create the most useful and relevant content for its target audience. The best free ways to improve the ranking of a dental website are:

  • using the most relevant keywords and patient queries in the texts;
  • regular addition of useful materials to the dental blog;
  • knowledge of the basics of local SEO promotion of a dental clinic and the use of geographical features: city, district or residential complex;
  • use Google search suggestions and autocomplete;
  • use Google Search Console for data analysis;
  • explore the possibilities of Google Trends.

Contextual advertising

Publicize your dental practice and find patients who are actively looking for a qualified dentist. There are different types of content (text, graphics, video) for effectively promoting dental services online; for instance, the writing essay service GrabMyEssay picks all of them. A clear definition of your client and well-chosen keywords will attract potential clients and convert them into regular patients.

Engage with potential clients on social media

The ultimate in dental marketing is the ability to attract streams of new patients on a small budget. This is where social media comes in. Facebook and Instagram allow you to create a branded dental account to present your services.  While the website officially represents your company in the online space, social media shows the “human face” of the business.

How do I promote my dental services on social media?

First, use SMM promotion. Creating a page on Facebook or Instagram platforms gives you immediate access to a wide audience with the possibility to interact with them. But in order to attract and retain attention or promote your dental business quickly, content must be unique and interesting, like writers from the essay writing services TopEssayWriting offer.

Build up your status as a dental expert. Publish useful tips, topical reviews, and research, and answer subscribers’ questions. Sprinkle information with relevant humor. Post pictures and mini-videos of the “inside world” of your dentistry. Showcase a great clinic and great doctors, building trust and loyalty. With this approach, you are guaranteed to promote your dentistry.

Start a doctor’s vlog on your YouTube channel. Showcase captivating and relevant videos, demonstrate your competence, and promote dental services. Get a direct channel to communicate with your patients and increase your reach to your target group of users. Track and react to comments under your videos.

Take advantage of targeted advertising. Online platforms are ideal to promote your dental practice. Ads will be shown only to audiences interested in dental services, encouraging them to click on a link to the website, leave a consultation request, etc.

Offline advertising

Despite the massive use of the internet, advertising using traditional media is still used and can be quite effective.

We recommend the use of these types of advertising:

Catchy signage

The user interface is very important for dentistry as it is the first thing that people will see passing by. With the help of the signage and design of the dentist’s office, you will undoubtedly attract the attention of the local audience. The main thing is that what you see will make people want to come to you.

To achieve this, it is advisable not to skimp on signage design, as the proper design will help to attract patients, and vice versa – outdated, bulky signage may discourage people from coming to you.

Clinic name

Also, consider a name for your clinic. The name should be easy to read, consistent with your business, and appeal to potential customers.

Advertising banners and stands

This type of advertising is most effective in the opening phase of a dental practice. Place advertising banners or stands in all crowded places where customers may come to you. For example, shopping centers, sports halls, and prominent stands in the area where your practice is located.

As with the signage, it is advisable to use the services of a designer. Banners must look stylish and informative. Include a list of your services, contact information for quick contact, and a couple of sentences about your benefits and specialties.

Handing out flyers

Another good practice is handing out flyers in high-traffic places or at local partners.

If you are just opening a clinic, it makes sense to hire promoters to hand out flyers every day near an underground station, such as a shopping mall in your area, or any other hotspot.

If you have been in business for a long time, flyers can be used ad hoc to draw attention to individual promotions.

To wrap it all

Successful dental marketing involves a whole range of activities affecting both the external and internal operations of the clinic. It is important to consider the marketing processes.

For example, before launching contextual advertising – with the task to direct users to your website – it is worth assessing the current state of your website, including the quality of content and how it is ranked in search engines. Make sure that the clinic is well presented, the information is relevant to customer needs, and it provides value to patients. If the website is not impressive and trustworthy, then the advertising will not be worth it and the advertising budget will be wasted.

If the website is great, the user is interested and calls to make an appointment; make sure the receptionist answers the phone competently and is able to retain the client. No one will get lost at the stage of the call. Confidence in a positive outcome should be at every level of interaction with the patient.

About the Author

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.