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The inherent value of comments – think “share and care”

May 15, 2011
by ken

Sadly, comment sections on blogs far too often bring out the fringe group that wear aluminum foil hats, but a dental blog??? Nuh uh.

Kudos to Dr. Ron Schefdore for the heads up on http://www.healthyheartdentistry.com.
Amazing site – intriguing product array……thanks Dr. Ron!!!!
Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 11.46.23 PM.png

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2 Comments » for The inherent value of comments – think “share and care”
  1. You are welcome.
    This is a new and exciting area in dentistry. For the first time dentists and hygienists can early identify medical issues that affect oral health and prove the efficacy of their treatment with “after treatment” blood screening tests.
    Dentists and hygienists that use chair side blood screenings and evidance based dental supplements (www.pharmaden.net) bring a new level of excellence to their practice and to the profession.

  2. Ken Serota says:

    Thanks for contributing to the section Ron. You seem extremely well versed in this topic area. Would you consider writing a feature entry for MOUTHING OFF?

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