The Journey Of Opening Your Own Practice

by Jennifer Grzebien, RDH

In 2015, I started as a mobile practice in order to reach the elderly, disabled and anyone who had issues accessing a dental office. Being a mobile practice is even more physically challenging due to the fact that you have to constantly setup and take down your equipment. So I did a lot of research into portable equipment. I found that Aseptico had the lightest and easiest equipment to transport and setup. I bought the AseptiChair weighing in at 34.5lbs which can support a max of 300lbs. I also went with the Aseptico TaskForce Deluxe Portable Pneumatic Dental System for my air, water, suction and hand piece operation. It weighs in at 32.6lbs making it light enough to carry into someone’s home, office, etc. and set up.

Being a one person show with not a lot of funding to put into marketing meant I did a lot on my own designing, creating my own business cards and so forth. I found very user friendly.

In 2017, I created a hygiene room in my house and transitioned to working exclusively out of my home in order to be able to care for my daughter who is autistic and requires special care. My husband is a professional plumber and owns his own company so he was able to set up most of my studio and work area for me.

I then did a bit of a marketing revise. Google, Facebook and Instagram are great free resources for those with not a lot of marketing funds. I designed my studio myself and set it up in a way that has a spa feel since many of my clients have dental fears and phobias. I do hot towels, aromatherapy, I offer higher end products for their goodie bags since I found that if they like the product that they are using, then they will actually use that item. Some of the brands that I offer are Brush Naked, Curaprox, Cocofoss & Spa-Dent.

I also didn’t want it to be overwhelming with equipment everywhere so I just have my unit and a solitary chair. I use a light attachment on my glasses. I find this to be much easier to use and less intrusive than a regular chair dental light as my light moves with me and there is no need for constant adjustments.

I have found entrepreneurship to be somewhat of a roller coaster ride. It is rewarding yet scary, the highs are awesome and the lows are stressful. It is a lot of hard work, and there are definitely tears involved. I have discovered that your business is ever evolving and growing as you are. I have found that planning and strategizing are great but the most important part is simply to start! You are able to figure out what works and doesn’t work along the way. Nothing is set in stone, as they say, and if something isn’t working…change it!

I have plans to grow and evolve my business that I will achieve one day at a time. I have found that networking with others that have the same mindset as you is so important. They will be the ones to support you and inspire you to achieve your goals. One of the best things I did was have a professional photo shoot that gave me some really great pictures to use for my marketing products, Google, Facebook and Instagram posts. Every practice is unique and you just have to build your practice in a way that speaks to you, reflects your ideals and your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

About the Author

Jennifer Grzebien is an independent RDH who specializes in severe dental phobias and special needs. With over 8 years of experience and over half of that working independently she provides a very unique personalized experience for her clients working closely with them in order to overcome their fears, anxieties and barriers to care in order to achieve their oral heath goals.

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