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The New Test for Prostate Cancer

October 16, 2014
by Kahaliah Richards

I recently visited a great dental practice which is symptomatic of where much of Canadian dentistry is headed:

  • most of the patients were over 60
  • many had root caries
  • all, reportedly, had dental insurance even into retirement.
  • both dentists were part-time, and my guess, so too were the hygienists.

We talked about what patients prefer and what patients will pay for.  I heard that patients will only follow what is covered by their dental plan.

One of the dentists said: “a filling is free”.  Extra prevention is not.

I have had this conversation before with other dental teams. So what is my response?

I talk about the new prostate cancer test.

Image the following:

I go to my doctor and he avoids mentioning a new test for early stage prostate cancer – it is not covered by my insurance plan and he thinks I won’t pay for it.

Subsequently, I develop prostate cancer and learn about a new test I should have had at my doctor’s office some time ago.

What does this scenario do to my relationship with my doctor?

And what would the patients in this dental practice think when they need a root canal or an implant resulting from a failed root caries restoration, after they learn about Prevora?

For more visit: www.partnersinprevention.ca

By: Ross Perry
SourcedPartners In  Prevention http://partnersinprevention.ca/the-new-test-for-prostate-cancer/

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