The Power of Saliva

by SmartMouth

As dental hygienists, you’re laser focused on doing what you can to ensure that your patients know what to do to take care of their mouth health. That includes giving them a proper cleaning during appointments as well as talking to them about the frequency of brushing and flossing, among other things. You also probably help a few of them understand why things go wrong (cavities to name just one) and what to do about it when that happens. But how much do you talk to them about saliva?

Of course, saliva is a natural thing that happens in the mouth, and most people produce at least several cups of it every day. But saliva isn’t just water (or spit), as it turns out. Saliva is filled with other things such as electrolytes and minerals, and its makeup and presence or absence can greatly affect your patients’ mouth health. Here are things to discuss with them.

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