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“The Root Canal Anatomy Project” is being shared with Oral Health and those who enjoy this blog by members of the ROOTS forum. It is my most evanescent hope that others from the dental community in Canada and elsewhere will begin to contribute content to this forum and turn it into an educational powerhouse. Social networking is in its infancy. The sad part about getting as olde as I am, is you remember when they scoffed at you for being “mad” because you saw the future of cyberspace as being as impacting as the Renaissance.  Enjoy Dr. Versiani’s efforts and remember this – it is the science of dentistry that begets the art; those that suggest you can perform procedures using a paint by numbers approach, in the immortal words of Yoda, turn away from them you must.

Kudos to Dr. Marco Versiani!  Si

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nce I’ve started to post my work in micro-CT on Roots, I’ve been receiving requests for all around the globe regarding more and more pictures and videos of three-dimensional root canals for different reasons, ranging from educational purposes to patient orientation. Since then,I have been thinking how to share all this work that is being produced here in Brazil,for all of you, with no costs. Based on Roots “share and care”, The Root Canal Anatomy Project has started. Firstly with the idea and then with the support of great researches and friends as Dr Gary Carr (I still did not meet him personally, but I guess that I will soon), Dr Carlos Murgel, Dr Pecora and Dr Sousa Neto.

I have chosen the Blogger plataform as it is free of charge and easy to update. For file archiving, I have chosen RapidShare as I have an account since 2008, I can store large files and it allows me to share the files with everyone. Instead it is free to use (for you), I have to pay some money to keep it working. However, I can get some discount as soon as you start to download as a free user. In this mode (free), RapidShare has some limitations regarding the amount of data you can download each day…however, all of the high resolution images (300 dpi) and videos (HD) will be there indefinitely. It is easy to download and you can learn how to on this link.

By now, you do not have to ask the permission to use them. Just follow the statement:

The images and videos of “The Root Canal Anatomy Project” blog were developed at the Laboratory of Endodontics of Ribeirao Preto Dental School – Univesity of Sao Paulo – and may be freely used for attributed noncommercial educational purposes by educators, scholars, student and clinicians. It means that all material used should include proper attribution and citation ( In such cases, this information should be linked to the image in a manner compatible with such instructional objectives.

I just wanted that you be in touch with me as you wish to use the images or videos to illustrate an article.

I will try to update the blog with new images and videos each week (and I will let you know). Besides, I have plans to insert a “Making of” section, clinical cases (that represent the 3D images – as Liviu’s case) and a literature update section on micro-CT in endodontics.

As you know, I have English as a second language. In this way, I need you to help me to correct the grammar or typing errors that probably occur on the Blog. If you find some problems in the download links, please refer to me. Thank you!


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