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In 1996 a dentist Dr. Pat Cassidy, and his wife Donna, came up with the idea of saving businesses money based on their own experience in the dental industry. They found retail pricing was extremely high, and that much better pricing was available if they took the time to review the many dental product paper catalogs that were available. So why not just take the product offerings from many vendors, put them together on a single website, and have vendors compete for dentists business, providing best pricing in the industry? 

That vision is now a reality with Net32’s flagship marketplace servicing the dental industry right here Net32 uses the web to provide dentists with the only way to instantly find the best deals in the dental industry,with 80,000 product choices from multiple small, medium, and large vendors spread across the entire country. Net32’s open market place takes the traditional supply reps commissions out of the equation, freeing up dentists to take care of their business needs more effectively than ever before.

What are some of the beliefs of 36,000+ customers that have taken advantage of the convenience and savings found in the Net32 marketplace?

1) There are lots of good deals out there but no easy way to find them.
2) My current suppliers are charging too much
3) I don’t need someone else to tell me how to run my business or manage my supply needs.
4) I don’t like having to pay a membership fee in order to save money on my supplies. (Net32 is FREE to dentists)
5) There should be a better way to handle my equipment and supply needs.
6) I love what technology can do for me.
7) I love the web.
8) I love to save money.
9) Some of the largest dealers and manufacturers will do just about anything to try to protect the high prices that US dentists are charged.
10) Dentists in the United States often pay much more for exactly the same products that are sold elsewhere in the world.
11) I need to see what customers have to say about Net32. (Click on testimonials to see many, many, many, comments from satisfied customers.)

If you share some of these thoughts, you will be delighted with not only the great pricing that we have for you, but the great service as well. Our customer service representatives all have direct lines so you will not have to navigate an annoying switchboard to get some help. There’s only one place where dental vendors from every corner of the country compete for your business giving you the best deals in the industry. You are there right now. Enjoy the Net32 experience.


Create a free business-to-business comparison-shopping marketplace for every vertical market in every country.

Net32 Opens Up Communication With You

Net32 Opens Up Communication With You

I am pleased to announce that we have just released a Commenting feature on all the Net32 product detail pages that allows you to provide feedback on any aspect of your comparison-shopping experience, including thoughts on usability, products, and vendors. Many thanks to the over 2000 of you who completed post order surveys and almost 500 who completed the social technographics survey. Both surveys showed your strong desire to have some openings to provide feedback to us and to your colleagues.

A few points. Every product detail page provides for commenting underneath the vendor/product table. Everyone can read posts, but you must be logged in to post. When you post your name will appear associated with the post something like “Dr Pat Cassidy” as per your account. Feel free to post comments that pertain to the product on the product detail page and/or a vendor that sells that product, or anything that you want to comment on regarding features/usabil
ity, customer service, etc. Your colleagues as well as Net32 will be well served by your insights into the service you have received from a particular vendor, on the product/savings received, and quality of support received from our team here at Net32.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy “commenting” and I look forward to working with you to introduce any additional social media features that you think we should consider to enhance the quality of your Net32 shopping experience.

Pat Cassidy, DMD, MPH
CEO, Net32, Inc

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