There’s a name for that grin on my face!!!

The future is now………first an online convention by the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry and now a mobile APP for the American Association of Endodontists…..HUZZAH!!! Before you know it sales reps will have smartphones and iPADS……..and the world will EXPLODE!  Social media is here, it may seem queer, but damnit, get used to it and it’s time this blog used WORD PRESS for it’s platform.

Now if I were a very savvy computer programmer, I’d realize that the way to introduce encryption is to get my end users to demand connectivity so that they could take advantage of what is obviously inevitable, bar coded bank accounts…… the trend in society and the jump on it like a fat kid on a smartee……..or you could simply mandate encryption and watch the hysteria and pushback.

The official mobile app of the 2011
AAE Fall Conference is now available! Following are the top 5 features you will
have access to:

Screen Shot 2011-11-13 at 3.12.11 PM.png


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