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Lincoln, NE, (October 26,
MacPractice, the leading Apple developer of practice
and clinical software on Macs and iPhones for medical, dental and
chiropractic offices, today announced the release of MacPractice
iPad Interface with ePrescribe
. The solution was designed with
Apple’s Web App development tools to provide remote and network communication
from the iPad to a medical, dental or chiropractic office that uses MacPractice
MD, MacPractice 20/20, MacPractice DDS or MacPractice


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Doctors have overwhelmed us with requests to use an iPad with
MacPractice and particularly to ePrescribe,” said Mark Hollis, President of
MacPractice. “Today,we are announcing an iPad replacement for the index cards
used by so many physicians to record hospital rounds,but this product can
perform much more than that for physicians, dentists, and chiropractors.”

Among the capabilities that come along with the new MacPractice iPad Interface
with ePrescribe: doctors can create new patient records in MacPractice from the
iPad and post procedures and diagnosis from outside the office or in an exam
room, daily practice activity reports can be reviewed easily from outside the
office, reminders and notes may be sent between the office staff and the doctor,
and email may be sent to patients and referring providers. MacPractice users
can also see their office schedule as well as patient photos and demographic information.
In addition, doctors and assistants may now review and record patient vital
statistics and chronic diagnoses, and review prescription history and allergies
when seeing a patient, all on an iPad.
With MacPractice ePrescribe for iPad, MacPractice users have all of the same
capabilities of ePrescribe for MacPractice on the desktop in their office. When
they write a prescription on the iPad, it is added automatically to their
patient’s record in the office.
Additional content including automated allergy, drug information
and review, herbals, managed care formularies, drug interactions, and leaflets
for patient education in 18 languages are available. Managed care connectivity,
as an option, provides an all-doctor drug history.
“We are pleased to contribute to the improvement of
healthcare in
America by offering doctors an ePrescribe solution on the iPad
that improves efficiency and can increase Medicare reimbursement,” said Hollis.
Doctors who wish to meet the ONC’s definition of Meaningful Use must
ePrescribe, and providing the ability to write a script on an iPad makes it just
that much easier for them.”

MacPractice iPad Interface with ePrescribe and MacPractice
Interface for iPhone may be purchased together for $800. Doctors will receive a
$300 discount with a new purchase of MacPractice. The annual support and
enhancements fee for either Interface is $200, and for the use of both is $400.
ePrescribe is free to MacPractice clients already enrolled for ePrescribe.

Subsequent to ONC-ATCB certification of MacPractice 4,
MacPractice will also release companion native iPad apps including EMR/EHR

MacPractice leverages Apple’s legendary ease of use, stability
and low-cost maintenance to create affordable, intuitive and flexible
Mac-native software for doctors.

MacPractice, which is currently used in some 3,500 medical,
dental, and chiropractic practices, combines a state-of-the-art EHR/EMR
solution with practice management tools in an easy-to-use, intuitive system
that can improve patient care, efficiency and productivity. For more information
about MacPractice solutions, visit

About MacPractice, Inc.

MacPractice, Inc. is a client-centric practice management and
clinical software development firm, comprised of highly experienced and caring
individuals, dedicated to the development and support of best-of-class
Macintosh software, hardware and associated services for physicians, dentists,
chiropractors and eye doctors. For more information,

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