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This has nothing whatsoever to do with Chanukah…

Dentistry does not exist in a parallel universe to the rest of humanity – it will either learn to extrapolate, iterate, evolutionate, migrate, or potentiate or it will constipate, obfuscate, and obliterate it’s capacity to keep abreast of the rapidly exploding demands of generational standards of care that are now measured in months, not decades. If it fails to communicate interactively, enable/facilitate true dialogue within the profession, create online polling mechanisms to ensure that participatory democracy is a reality, mandate transparency from within and without, then it is doomed to remain a dinosaur of another century. 

Creating websites and email blasts is “BIG BROTHERISH” until such time as they look like the icons when you connect your Blackberry – perhaps a bad example at this moment, or is it……who thought Nortel would fail, who thought RIM stock would be in need of life support….all monoliths are doomed to fail if they are not well run or become too big for their britches to listen and adapt to the needs of their client base. Applies to the entire authoritarian structure.  Please read below and think it out of the box.

AFTER nightfall on Tuesday, the Darvick family of Birmingham, Mich., began their Hanukkah rituals, just as they had done for years.

Tamra Sanford, who lives in Manhattan, has a weekly FaceTime date with her 11-month-old nephew, Maximino Stafford Johnson, of Houston. Debra and Martin Darvick set out a tin menorah given to them by long-gone relatives. Their son, Elliot, 27, struck a match and lighted the first candle. And his sister, Emma, 24, joined in a prayer. But the Darvicks celebrated this centuries-old tradition with a modern twist — the family was in three different cities across the country, but connected by Skype.


AND for those in the industry who think that creating a 24/7/365 Virtual Exhibit Halls rather than those one or two day set ’em up pull ’em down, take them out of the field, spend way too much for way too little ROI makes no sense – read on Mcstopbotheringmeaboutsmartphones…



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