Thus spake Zarathustra

Something to ponder and consider:

By developing an online presence for office through Facebook, Twittr, or a
blog, you demonstrate to potential patients that you are human and care about
their world.

The ability to obtain literally immediate information on a product, a piece of
equipment, on a treatment plan is simply unachievable in a practice environment
where answering the phone is a catch as catch can effort.

Puts a human face on an otherwise, monolithic entity with one purpose and one
purpose alone; to sell things. It’s time that industry supported dental image
enhancement to the public. Simplest way to do this is the


You bring to life an externally focused mindset; patients see you as a part of
their life experience.

A dental practice, no matter how many team members or partners, is still a
solitary experience. You can share with others what you are less inclined to
share with those with whom you engage in the working world.

The corporate behemoth can demonstrate it’s willingness to listen and
appreciate the needs of their client base, not simply make them want what the
company produces, good, bad or indifferent.


You to bring to life your otherwise static brochure-like website with a dynamic
presence. Connectivity and content renewal is king

A website that provides informatics is one thing, but community is essential to
all the layers of the dental profession; alumni, study club, society,
association, institution.

Industry:  The mission
statement of any corporation is to succeed through sales of their product
lines. That doesn’t preclude value added considerations to the client base
through educational interactivity, through interactive tech support and
training. Viva Learning is a perfect example.


You address in a public forum the questions and concerns your patients have
about your products and services–which are being asked anyway without your

Collegial: We
tend to think a problem or a situation is ours alone. It’s comforting and
enhances the resolution to engage with frankness in a community of folks with
similar needs and wants.

Industry: If
we have learned nothing from the financial meltdown on Wall Street and the
impending implosion of Rupert Murdoch’s empire, transparency is an imperative
in the corporate world.  You can run, but
you can’t hide; it’s no longer possible.


You participate in the conversations taking place that relate to your business,
products and industry–and have the opportunity to shape the agenda.

Collegial: See

Industry: See


You manage your reputation.

Collegial: See

Industry: See


You build a patient community.

Collegial: You
build a collegial community.

You build a client community.


You direct prequalified patients–with whom you’ve already established a
relationship–to call your office for an appointment.

You develop relationships with like minded individuals and act in collaboration
and provide support to one another thereby fostering enhanced growth potential
as a professional and a mentor.

Industry: Loyalties
can’t be bought. Value added isn’t an annual fete or soiree. Value added is the
provision of assets and resources on an ongoing basis to your end users, who in
every sense of the word, are shareholders too.


You build your digital visibility and online presence, the way of the now and
the hope for our future.

Collegial: You
have access to information and learning potential that one person could never
hope to accrue on their own.

Industry: Lead
by virtue of ethical standards and evidence-based science. The bottom line will
then be a default position.

Patient: You
remain relevant to patients.

Collegial: You
remain collegial to your profession.

Industry: You
serve all ends of your community; your employees, your shareholders and your
end-user and you ensure that corporate culture is never a four-letter word, but
rather a standard to which we all should adhere.


thanks to the social media marketing mavens for pouring your heart out.


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