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Tips and Tricks – of a clinical nature

January 15, 2012
by ken

I was thinking as I posted the last entry, that there are so many clinical tips and tricks that go unknown for want of a NEXUS for clinical information. The idea of MENTOR [Multiplatform Educational Nexus Terminal for Online Resources] – an intranet for Canadian dentists based on iTRANS has been postulated on this blog in the past, but such an idea would require a committee – 278 meetings of that committee, executive approval, 397 meetings of the executive, tabled, holiday delays et al to get tabled until a final decision could be made….. so in lieu of that episodic scenario analogous to waiting for Season III of Downton Abbey, I’d like to propose that the readership consider providing tips and tricks in the COMMENTS section. I’m going to kick it off with an introduction to G. Hartzell and Son – US crafted Dental and Surgical Instruments since 1935. I encourage you to visit http://www.ghartzellandson.com/ – their product array is comprehensive in endo, perio, ortho, dental hygiene anon………..

TIPS:  I’m going to share with you one example of the rather amazing array of instruments they distribute – this one in particular is for endodontic retreatment. Do visit, you’ll be quite amazed. Remember to click on the image to bring it to full size, even Word Press isn’t perfect.
























And now for the TRICKS by a brilliant clinician from the great state of Texas – Craig Barrington……a composite technique originated by a clinical zen master from Warwick, England – Dr. Liviu Steier…………waiting on a video of his composite technique to teach the masses how to fish.

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