Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas For Your Dental Office

by Alannah Alcala

Social media doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or scary. It’s one of the best marketing tools to grow your practice. So, why not be present and consistent on your socials? Social media is a way to connect with your current patients and with potential patients as well. These are tools where you can share what you and your practice are all about. 

I want to make it a bit easier for you. Here’s a list of the top 5 social media content ideas for your dental office. 

  • Services

Dental Services

What services do you provide? Through social media, you can share valuable information about the services your practice provides. If you have a general practice explain more about it. Why would families want to visit your practice?.

If you are an endodontist explain what you do. Educate people on the importance of your specialty. Your audience wants to know.

Every week share about a specific service you provide and go into depth about it. This is an incredible way to educate about all the services you provide. 

  • Team members

Clients already walk into dental offices nervous and hesitant. After dental visits, clients tend to connect with their dentist or hygienist. Why not share more about them? Sharing about your team will help clients connect with them even outside of the practice. 

If you share about your team members on your stories, save it as a highlight. It will always be there for people who visit your profile. 

What can you share about your team? Anything really! – as long as your team members agree. Here’s an example of what your caption can be:


“Mary is our amazing Dental Hygienist. She graduated from _______ and she is originally from _____. She moved to Toronto when she was 12 years old and has lived here ever since. She loves to play with her puppy Toby. She also enjoys reading and being outdoors. 

Mary is passionate about Dental Hygiene, she is caring, a hard worker and loves working with kids. We love having her as part of our team!”

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  • New equipment

Dental Equipment

We all know investing in new equipment for your dental practice is important. As a practice, purchasing new equipment has many benefits. One of the main reasons is to assist while performing procedures and for overall client care. 

Did you buy a new cavitron for a hygienist’s room? Share about it. How will it improve client care? How is it going to benefit your hygienist? These are all valuable and educational information worth sharing. Here’s an example of a caption:

“Today we received our new cavitron/ultrasonic scaler. Having the latest technology and equipment for our practice is fundamental. 

Let’s talk about our new cavitron! it’s a power-driven scaling device, that we know our hygienist will love.

You probably wonder what does it do? It makes the dental cleaning comfortable and efficient for both the patient and hygienist. I am sure you are saying “Ok, that sounds great but how? The vibrations (ultrasonic waves) of the device helps break tougher and harder calculus (build up on your teeth!). Therefore, it can reduce scaling time. By doing that our lovely hygienist can spend more time with you going over at-home oral hygiene.

Oh…It also helps while performing dental cleanings on our ortho patients! Check our stories to see how this cool device works”


You can post similar captions when it comes to any new tool that you know your clients will find interesting! 

  • Before and after pics

People tend to be visual. A picture really speaks a thousand words. At times people question a procedure and are hesitant about moving forward with it. Seeing pictures can make a difference!

You don’t have to specialize in cosmetic dentistry to be able to show before and after pictures. An ortho practice can benefit from these types of posts. 

When it comes to these topics dentist sometimes worry about consent. But it’s nothing to worry about. Ask your client for consent and post! If the client doesn’t want a full face shot you can just post a picture like the one shown above. 

When posting before and after pics, talk about the procedure. Share how long it took.  You can also share the patient’s name to make it more personal (if the patient gave consent to this).

Pictures are one of the tools that will have the most impact on people! So why not share them? It’s a fun way to share and explain different procedures.

  • Activities

Social Media

When was the last time you attended an event as a team? I am sure not long ago. In a dental office, the team tends to go to courses, conferences and/or community events. Share about these fun activities that bring your team closer together.  And bring your team closer to the community.

Here are ways to share about different events and activities:

-What kind of event is it? Hop on your stories and share what the event is about. 

-Behind the scenes (take pictures at the event)

-Show who is attending the event (which team members)


After the event is done,  write a post. Explain in stories what you learned or what you enjoyed about the event.

Posting fun and educational content on social media is KEY. You want your existing clients and potential ones to see what your practice is about. Showing this type of content will help you to continuously reach a bigger audience.  It will also help you further connect with your existing clients.

Get creative and show how unique you are!

About the Author:

The Social HygienistAlannah Glass is a Social Media Manager and Strategist (thesocialhygienist). She helps businesses in the Dental Field grow through social media. She worked as a Dental Hygienist for 5+ years. She started her career in social media through owning a Subscription Box company. She decided to dive into social media and learn more about the industry to reach more customers to grow her business. Glad she did, most of her customers came through social media. Now she helps dental offices do the same.



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