Your Top Picks: June 2017

Welcome to YOUR June Top Picks! Each month we find out what YOU have been viewing, reading and watching the most. If you’re looking for a little throwback, check out the ODA ASM150 Overview video – it’s a must-see, even if you missed the event. Our blog of the month discusses a delicate, but crucial topic for all dentists. Looking for something more clinical? You’ll love our June Oral Health issue, focused on Oral Surgery. And while our news item of the month isn’t a scandal, or exciting news, it is something that needs to be discussed to help ensure it doesn’t happen again. Thank you again for another great month at and enjoy YOUR top pics for June 2017!

Your Top News Pick

It’s a story nobody wants to read, but needs to be shared for the public and dental community.
Healthy California Toddler Dies After Routine Dental Visit

Your Top Video Pick

The Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting was a hit! Our ASM150 Overview video was too – watch it for the full recap.
ODA ASM150 Overview

Your Top Blog Pick

It may seem like a delicate topic, but it’s one every dentist should understand and discuss with their team in order to treat each patient fully.
Providing Dental Care for Special Needs Patients

Your Top Feature Pick

Oral Surgery was a big issue and a big success. There were a lot of popular features, but this one managed to top them all:
Not All Occlusal Splints Are Equal