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Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty

March 4, 2012
by ken

iPads – Windows 8 – look out dental chumans………the era of the meece is agoin’………you and your patients are going to be touchscreenin’ everything in the soon to be future……those in Ontario will have to wait 40 or 50 months until the boondoggle of encryption is worked out.

Apple’s next iPad could arrive with the moniker “iPad HD.” That information comes from the blog Gizmodo, which cited a reader-supplied parts listing from accessories manufacturers Griffin and Belkin. For months, media and tech pundits have used “iPad 3” to describe Apple’s next-generation tablet. Apple is hosting a March 7 event in San Francisco where the device will almost certainly be unveiled. Rumored features include a high-resolution Retina Display (hence the possible “HD” name), a more powerful processor and an improved camera. “We have something you really have to see. And touch,” read the invitation sent to the media for the event, which included an image of a finger touching the calendar app on an iPad screen. Sources such as Apple Insider suggest that the next iPad could also feature 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) support and a significant update to iOS—which the blog terms “iOS 6.” Whatever its name, the next iPad will enter the market in a dominant position over its competitors, which for the moment include a host of Google Android tablets and Research In Motion’s PlayBook. However, that landscape will change by the end of 2012, when Microsoft and its manufacturing partners are expected to debut a host of tablets loaded with the upcoming Windows 8. Read article

Microsoft has revealed full details of Windows 8, with an all-or-nothing approach to touch technology, writes Barry Collins in Los Angeles. All versions of Windows 8 – whether used on a touchscreen device or not – will use the operating system’s new Metro interface, which was first developed for Windows Phone 7 devices. Read article