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Tracking for Success

November 7, 2016
by Lisa Philp, TGNA

Scoring is all part of our everyday life.  We use scores and rankings to make our decisions, for example about where we shop,  who we vote for, and what we aim for to improve, based on where we are in this moment in time (the GAP).

Running a dental practice is no different and there are key performance drivers and behaviors that can be scored and ranked to determine if you are falling behind, static or balanced, or winning the game of a thriving practice.

The Performance Drivers in the game of dentistry include:
•    Team Synergy
•    Patient Service
•    Productivity
•    New Patient Growth
•    Hygiene Retention
•    Filling the Schedule
•    Case Acceptance
•    Collections

Your own personal score in these areas are ranked, based on your perception, using a score of 1-12. You also score your target of where you would like to be, creating a result that will transform success into  an action plan.

Scoring is designed for all stages of a dental practice;

Are you anxious that you are on a plateau of growth and frustrated that you have tried new things and they don’t seem to stick for the long term?  

Or is your practice growing incrementally providing a comfort level that you are doing all you can to protect your successful lifestyle and work/life balance?

Are you in a  mode of always wanting to grow and truly believe  the journey never ends of staying current and innovative? 

Regardless of the stage you are at, scoring the key mindsets of the dental practice has been proven to drive better performance, break down resistance to change and translate behavior into concrete terms that are tracked for success.

Obtaining scores and ranks is only part of the solution to progressing, it’s like identifying and assessing to where you are and where you want to be.   The more crucial part of the score is to actually do something about closing the gap, creating a plan of action  to reach your true goals.

Our goal is to make your practice the best it can be.   The result of implementing the plan will positively transform the team’s morale and enhance the patient’s experience while guiding you where to focus valuable time and energy to where it needs the most attention to assure practice viability and success.

Get your complimentary Dental Practice Scorecard by calling 1-800-345-5157 or email info@tgnadental.com to see where you rank and what natural growth strategies await you, or visit www.tgnapracticemanagement.com for further information. 

Once you complete your complimentary practice scorecard, a TGNA practice development expert will review  your results and answer questions and/or advise on key areas to target time and energy for celebration, strategy and action. 

About the Author
Lisa Philp is the Chief Visionary Officer of TGNA – Transitions Group North America.  Lisa is committed to being an eternal student in the areas of personal growth, leadership, change management, human capital potential, adult learning, advanced training techniques and communication skills.

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