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This is for comment – please – if it doesn’t elicit it, I’m turning in my blogosphere union card and throwing away my iPHONE 4GS and going back to tin cups and string… from lad o’er the pond

Perio-Pros patient referred by a good friend of mine.
Upper rigth second molar needed endodontic revision before full-scale rehab
is taken place.
Referral accessed the tooth, saw a mess and sent the case over to me.
MB root had missed canal, perforation and all in all was not
Decided to retreat P and DB canals and amputate MB root.
Further plan is to remove old restorative from molar and assess if endo
needed (then the patient is coming back to me again 🙂 ,,).
When dust settles down, the final pros will be bridge-like reconstruston;
second molar will be splinted to first molar to create double abutment.
Don’t do these often. Always a fun to do…
Always a surprise to follow up :-))

d17 PreOp.jpg

d17 PostOp.jpg



Always think buttressing bone…………!!!  Now comment

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