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UConn ASDA: Website Shout Out – ahhhh the future

January 20, 2012
by ken

The blog of the American Dental Student Association is called, and rightly so, MOUTHING OFF – whodda thunk it eh hoser?? I would truly welcome information on any Canadian dental student blogs, websites, Facebook pages, +1’s et al that are accessible. Who better to lead the charge to a true integration of online education into the profession than those who have grown up with the technology and embrace it willing, not grudgingly………….

UConn ASDA: Website Shout Out PREDOCTORAL  by Robert MacArthur  |  on January 11th, 2012

After browsing UConn’s newly revamped website, it’s easy to understand why this impressive chapter has over 44,000 hits a month. Webmaster Rob Kievit 13’ has been busy creating an eye-catching interface helpful to predents and ASDA members across the country. Read on to learn more about UConn’s involvement in advocacy, service and their very own blog!Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into website design? My name is Rob Kievit I’m part of the UConn School of Dental Medicine class of 2013 and I’m from Farmington, CT. I’ve always been interested in technology and before graduating from Colby College in 2009 with a major in Biology I took a few computer science classes. I was able to get some basics with writing code and from there everything else is kind of self-taught. You can also read a little more about us on our new meet the board page.

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