Up in the air junior birdsmen………and eCards for free – do you not love social networking….let’s take over Nathan Phillips Square and demand a recount on Rob Ford

If I said Dental Air Force to you, you’d assume I was referring to the dental division of the Canadian Air Force, you know, the one still using bi-planes and F-18’s with wings that fall off…  however, www.dentalairforce.com is an interesting site showcasing an interesting device developed by Dr. Piero 

A Hornet performing a high-g pull-up during an...

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– I was contacted after a previous blog posting on blowwwwwwing perio disease away.  This is the goal of this blog – it’s pseudo PUSH technology, but, it works as the blog becomes a NEXUS for informatics……..keep the faith……and keep the content growing.

It’s Automatic

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Our scheduling “Wizard” lets you select groups of contacts, and setup schedules to send eye-catching greeting cards for any occasions you want – all in a matter of minutes.

It’s Essential

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